Patches: The World's Cutest Zombie

Chapter 4 (in progress)

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Update 25 (posted July 2, 2013) Male bonding time with Conscience and Roosevelt.

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Update 24 (posted May 27, 2013) Conscience and Roosevelt bicker about the value of a morning constitutional.

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Update 23 (posted May 13, 2013) Today's the day the teddy bears have a terrible picnic ...

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Update 22 (posted May 6, 2013) In a flash, a little pink bear springs to life.

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Update 21 (posted April 29, 2013) It seems that Conscience has far more austere ideas about breakfast ...

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Update 20 (posted Apr. 24, 2013) Eggs, toast, and cigarette smoke. A hearty way to start the day.

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Update 19 (posted Apr. 17, 2013) Meanwhile, miles away, eggs are being made.

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Update 18 (posted Apr. 10, 2013) Patches makes her way home, but not without stopping for one final nosh.

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Update 17 (posted Apr. 4, 2013) Day is done, and Patches gotta run.

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Update 16 (posted Mar. 28, 2013) Patches suffers the consequences of overindulgence.

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Update 15 (posted Mar. 20, 2013) Soup's on!

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Update 14 (posted Mar. 12, 2013) Patches demonstrates a distinct lack of table manners. Though does that matter if there is no table?

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Update 13 (posted Feb. 22, 2013) After jumping from fire escape to fire escape Patches is finally able to catch up with her fellow zombies. And more importantly, she finally grabs some breakfast.

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Update 12 (posted Feb. 16, 2013) Those zombies are still running! And what do zombies do when they run? They hunger...

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Update 11 (posted Feb. 5, 2013) BEHOLD THE RUNNING OF THE ZOMBIES!

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Update 10 (posted Jan. 28, 2013) More Zombie Beat, and the introduction of zombie runners!

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Update 9 (posted Jan. 21, 2013) As we continue to watch Zombie Beat's hard-hitting report, we learn how the cities deal with the oncoming zombie threats. Informative and entertaining!

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Update 8 (posted Dec. 31, 2012) As Patches recovers from a rough landing, we get the opportunity to watch the latest episode of Zombie Beat...

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Update 7 (posted Dec. 19, 2012) After being left in the dust by an overzealous zombie hoard, Patches refuses to give in to frustration and resolves to catch up, no matter what she encounters.

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Update 6 (posted Dec. 11, 2012) Patches is excitedly face to face with her own kind. Though it seems like she and they have vastly differing ideas about the shape of the day.

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Update 5 (posted Dec. 5, 2012) Patches eludes danger and acute klutziness to come face-to-face with the oncoming zombie horde.

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Update 4 (posted Nov. 26, 2012) As ZOVA shepherds the zombies into the city, Patches' (and our?) anxiety grows.

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Update 3 (posted Nov. 20, 2012) ZOVA soldiers are using heavy artillery to push the oncoming hordes of zombies into a bottleneck. Yet Patches moves to the ground level...

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Update 2 (posted Nov. 12, 2012) ZOVA tests out its artillery on a hapless zombie. But what of Patches?

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Update 1 (posted Nov. 7, 2012) As zombies descend on the empty streets, ZOVA makes its move.

Completed Chapters

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Chapter 3: Midmorning Brunch of the Living Dead, or, Now Hell Has a Side of Toast Patches, caught on the street during a zombie attack, needs to use all of her wiles to escape from a ZOVA officer. In the meantime, we tell the tale of a young girl and a stray zombie... (Originally posted May 4-Oct. 3, 2012)

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Interlude: Roosevelt's Nocturne In this chapter, we voyage into the twisted mind of a cuddly toy. (Originally posted Mar. 15, 2012)

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Chapter 2: A Matter of Conscience. Patches coughs up her conscience, and he's forced to co-exist with her. (Originally posted Nov. 7 2011-Feb. 25, 2012)

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Chapter 1: The Beautiful Girl with a Rotten Heart. We meet Patches, the world's cutest zombie, living in an ordinary city that just happens to be overrun with zombies. (Originally posted Sept. 11-Oct. 19, 2011)