Who Are We?

Geoff Hobart, Artistic Director and Comic Artist

Geoff Hobart is the creative genius behind Tachyon Punch. Geoff combines his vast worldly experiences as tee-shirt designer, comic book artist, and data processor to make Tachyon Punch a "mecha" of artistic delights. Geoff is currently living and working in the Triangle region of North Carolina. He can be reached at

Elizabeth McCraw, Site Designer and Freelance Writer

Librarian by day, site designer by night, Elizabeth McCraw is dropping some science on Tachyon Punch! Elizabeth is a lady of varied background and experience, including flute performance, historical musicology, and special collection and rare book cataloging. Elizabeth is currently employed as Special Collections Cataloger at UNC Chapel Hill. For more information, please visit her personal website.

Betsy Bradford, Freelance Writer

Writer Betsy Bradford brings to Tachyon Punch her experiences from living around the country. She is a woman of many strong opinions, and she's not afraid to share them!

Andrew Herold, Freelance Writer, Otherwise Unemployable

For years, Andrew delved deeply into the dark, sinister machinations of the human mind. It almost killed him...after he left the customer service industry, he started to write horror and horror-humor short stories and articles. When he's not devoting his time to that, he focuses on avoiding people as much as humanly possible, and reading anything he can get his hands on. According to our latest intel, he currently resides somewhere in the back hills of New York with an insane dog (and one dog which is fairly stand-offish).

His last known email address is He also erupts his thoughts onto Tumblr.

E.M. Farrell, Fiction Writer

E.M. Farrell is an aspiring writer of fiction, short, long, illustrated, or not. Farrell's non-writing interests include reading, travel, study, and generally enjoying life while exploring the world.